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Valentine's Day in the United States and Around the World

by an yang 30 Jan 2024

Do you feel like red roses, chocolates and affectionate greeting cards are beckoning to you? Yes, they are symbols of love and romance for many people in the United States and around the world on February 14, Valentine’s Day (St. Valentine’s Day). In the United States, Valentine's Day is not a formal holiday, but a holiday to spread love.

There are different opinions about the origin of Valentine's Day; February 14th is the anniversary of the Christian saint Valentine, who began to be given the color of romantic love in medieval England. Some historians believe that this festival also inherited the traditions of some non-religious festivals across Europe in the past.
Whatever its origins, Valentine's Day is a beloved holiday among today's generation—and a booster of business opportunities. Approximately 1 billion Saint Valentine cards (or Valentine cards) are sold around the world every year. Hallmark, a well-known American greeting card company, estimates that Americans alone send about 114 million Valentine's cards every year.

Children in American schools also exchange cards or trinkets expressing friendship with their classmates on this day. These small gifts for children, whether they are made by themselves or bought from the store, often have the shape of a heart or a cartoon image.

Of course, going to a good restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner is also a great Valentine's Day tradition. It’s how Italians, and many people around the world, including Americans, celebrate Valentine’s Day night.

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